• 2021-2022 Parking Policies 
    The application process for parking for the 2021-2022 school year will follow the procedures below: 
  • Parking Fee: $125

    The parking fee is payable when
    parking tags are picked up on July 28-30.

  • Second Parking Lottery is now going on for rising Juniors and Seniors who did not apply the first time. Click on the button to the right to access the parking application.

  • The Parking Application process is now closed.
  • The 2021-22 Parking Application Results from the first lottery have been posted. Students can log into itsLearning, go to the SFHS Student Body Group course, and view the announcements on the Overview page to find the link to the results.

    (If you are already logged into itsLearning, you can click here to go directly to the SFHS Student Body Group Overview page.)

  • If you do not have your full valid driver's license
    by August 5, 2021 (the first day of school),
    you will forfeit your parking space.

  •  Parking Application Requirements

    • Application window for Seniors is from Monday, May 3 through Monday, May 10.
    • Application window for Sophomore and Juniors* is from Wednesday, May 12 through Thursday, May 20.
      *Sophomores and Juniors who will be eligible to have their full driver's license (Class C, D, or M) by August 5, 2021 (the first day of school) may apply for a parking spot.
    • The form will require a Google account to complete, and will only let you submit one application per account. If you have multiple students who need to apply, each student should apply using their own account. (Every FCSS student has their own Google account through the district.)
    • Proof of eligibility is still required - you should digitally scan a copy of your valid GA driver's license (front and back), proof of insurance, and vehicle registration.
    • If you have concerns about digital file security, you should still complete the application online (leaving the Proof of Eligibility Upload blank), and email Mr. Keith Gravitt.
    • If more applications are received than there are parking spots, then the selection process will be through a random lottery of all eligible applications. THERE IS A LIMITED NUMBER OF SPOTS AVAILABLE.
    • All eligible seniors will be allocated a parking spot (subject to availability). If any spots remain, eligible sophomores and juniors who have applied during the appropriate window will be entered into a lottery for the remaining spots.
    • The list(s) of students receiving parking spots will be posted in the SFHS Student Body Group in itsLearning.
    • Students will be assigned a specific parking spot; that spot will not be determined until parking tag pickup on July 28-30.

    Special notice:  Due to the increased number of students participating in a non-traditional school day, we will not be able to honor any special parking considerations for students involved in programs like Out of District, MOWR, IE2, Teaching as a Profession, athletics, band, internships, or any similar programs.  We recognize this is a huge inconvenience but there is no way to prioritize who would receive spaces and there simply are not enough spots to fill all needs. Thank you for your understanding as we deal with growing pains.


    For any questions or clarification, please feel free to contact Mr. Keith Gravitt at kgravitt@forsyth.k12.ga.us