• Curriculum and Programs 


    High / Middle School:


    • School day consists of a six period day with each class being 60 minutes long.
    • Focus is on Core Courses of Math, English, Science, and Social Studies for all students. Primary source of content delivery is on-line using APEX, Edgenuity, and ItsLearning. Teachers will supplement the on-line curriculum with teacher generated lessons and labs.
    • Elective class options are limited.  Our counselor will meet with individual students to address elective class needs.

    Daily Bell Schedule:                            Early Release Schedule:
    8:30-9:30  First Period                                        8:30-9:10  First Period
    9:30-10:30  Second Period                                 9:10-9:50  Second Period
    10:30-10:35 Bathroom Break                             9:50-10:30  Third Period
    10:35-11:35 Third Period                                   10:30-10:35   Bathroom Break
    11:35-1:10  Fourth Period (Lunch 30 min)        10:35-11:15   Fourth Period
    1:10-2:10 Fifth Period                                        11:15-11:55   Fifth Period
    2:10-2:15 Bathroom Break                                 11:55-12:35   Sixth Period
    2:15-3:15 Sixth Period                                       12:35   Bus Riders Dismissed
    3:15-3:30 Student Dismissal-                             12:40   Car Riders Dismissed
    All picked up by 3:30    
    *Gateway Academy will open its doors for student arrival at 8:10am.  Parents may not drop students off before 8:10 and leave them unsupervised.  Staff members will not supervise students before 8:10am.  A regular school day ends at 3:15pm.  Students must be picked up before 3:30pm.  Parents that violate this policy will receive a warning that they are in violation of the early drop off and/or afternoon pick up policy.  One more violation beyond this warning may result in the immediate removal of the student from Gateway Academy.  Early dismissal times will fall in accordance to the FCSS.  Parents may not pick their student up later than 15 minutes following dismissal.