As a part of our ongoing commitment to students' academic success, Lambert High School Success Teams meet to provide academic support opportunities and guidance. Success teams include a member of the administrative team paired with a school counselor along with a student's academic area teachers.
                           Lambert High School Success Teams
    ALL 9th Grade Students
    9th Grade Administrator


    ALL 10th Grade Students

    10th Grade Administrator


    Success Teams for Juniors and Seniors (11th and 12th Grade Only)


     Ashley Johnessee, Assistant Principal and Keisha Moore, Head Counselor


     Scott Dean , Assistant Principal and Shreya Patel, Counselor


     Russ Chesser, Assistant Principal and Chelsey Bucherati, Counselor


    Aubrey Moree, Administrator and Kim Dressler, Counselor


     Kelly Price, Assistant Principal and Travis Church, Counselor


    Lambert High School Graduation Coach -Rob Meinberg
    As Graduation Coach, Mr. Meinberg works with students to explore additional opportunities for senior students seeking credit recovery for on-time graduation. In addition, he serves Lambert students with 504 plans. For questions about the Multi-Tier System of Supports (MTSS), please contact Amanda Pridgen and Nancy Isham.
Last Modified on July 11, 2018