Welcome to Champ Time-an after school program for Chattahoochee Elementary students!
    2019-2020 Registration will open on Back To School Night!
    Please download and fill out the following forms-return to the front desk at school:

    CHAMP TIME FEES FOR 2019 - 2020


    *Registration for single student


    *Registration for a family (2 or more)


    Full Time Tuition (4 or 5 days per week)

    $65 per week

    Part Time Tuition (1, 2, 3 days per week)

    $45 per week

    Drop Ins (Registration fee must be paid)

    $25 per drop in

    Early Release Days

    $15 per day – for all students who attend

    Friday, August 30

    Wednesday October 23

    Thursday, October 24

    Thursday, March 12



    Champ Time is offered to K-5 students who are enrolled at
    Chattahoochee Elementary.
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    Behavior Protocol

    1st Time – Warning & Parent notification.

    2nd Time – Refocus up front-30 minuntes-Parent notification.

    3rd Time – 30/60 Minute refocus up front-Parent notification.

    4th Time – Suspension from the program.

    5th Time - Expulsion from the program.


    *Students can be suspended or removed from the program at any time at the discretion of the Co Directors.


    Sheralyn Shadle – Co Director


    Jeff Spera – Co Director


    Kim Colon – Bookkeeper



    Champ Time Phone: 770.781.2240 ext. 153103