• Welcome to the Coal Mountain Elementary School
    Early Intervention Program

    We will have a parent preview meeting virtually for EIP on Thursday, September 16 at 1:00. Please use the shortened link address to connect in the TEAMS meeting.  https://tinyurl.com/fvzf27tv 





    Mrs. Miki Waller, Language Arts Specialist 

    Early Intervention Program

    770-887-7705 ext. 730256



    Mrs. Nancee Worley, Math Specialist

    Early Intervention Program

    770-887-7705 ext. 730153



    The Early Intervention Program is based on research done for the Federal government in the 1990’s on schools that were 90/90/90.  The researchers were Dr. Robert Marazno, Dr. Max Thompson, and Dr. Laura Resnick.

    The research conducted was based on “Double Dosing” students in reading and math. That is what the Early Intervention Program is all about. Students get a daily double dose of math and/or reading.

    We know there is not enough time in a day to reach each subject so students might miss some of a subject but we need to get as close to double dosing with the Early Intervention Program students as we can to give them a better foundation for filling in the gaps in their learning.

    Pre-teaching is a powerful means of double dosing. If the struggling students are pre-exposed to “up and coming vocabulary, charts, lessons, etc…” this helps build the foundation of the subject which then a student can lean upon.  

    Early Intervention Program teachers do not give grades because we are not working with students on a grade level based curriculum.  We are using a curriculum based on ability through assessments that we do in the Early Intervention Program. Our curriculum gets a student to grade level ability and then we exit them and take a student that is on the waiting list.