• MAP (Matt Afterschool Program)


    Debbie Berry - email:  dberry@forsyth.k12.ga.us

    Sherri Rowland - email:  srowland@forsyth.k12.ga.us

     678-455-4500 ext. 280510

    The Matt After School Program (MAP) is designed to provide a safe, relaxing, and otherwise enjoyable environment for school age students who might otherwise be left at home unsupervised during the day. The program will be in operation from school dismissal until 6:00pm on the days students attend school. Activities will include snack, homework time, movie time, recreation,  and free play.



    A registration form must be completed and an annual registration fee of $72.50 per child is required prior to participation in the MAP. Registration for families with more than one child is $72.50 for the first child and $10 for each additional child. All payments will be done via School Pay online. 



    The cost of the MAP is $72.50 per week. NO EXCEPTIONS!! You are reserving a space. Tuition must be paid weekly and is due on Monday or the first day of the week the student attends the program. All payments should be made through School Pay. An ongoing excessive balance could result in dismissal from the program.


    The MAP will not be open during school holidays or inclement weather days. The hours are from school dismissal until 6:00pm. If you are late picking up your child the cost will be: $1.00 per minute.

    Three (3) or more late pick ups may result in dismissal from the MAP.

    Late fees must be paid to the instructor on duty when the child is picked up. If you are going to be late please contact the MAP so we know you are on you’re way. If we cannot locate a parent after 6:00pm, we will begin calling the authorized people on the registration form. In the event that no one can be reached after a reasonable length of time, the MAP Director and /or principal will contact the Police Department or DFACS.

    MAP- 678-455-4500 ext. 280510


    Early Dismissal/Early Release Days

    In the event of early school dismissal due to inclement weather or other emergencies, the MAP will not be open. Students will be released according to parent instructions on the registration form.

    During Early Release days the program will run from 11:50-6:00 at no additional charge. On these days ONLY, students may bring toys from home.