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    Department of Exceptional Students:

    Eligibility Requirements:

    To receive Special Education services, students must meet Georgia eligibility requirements. Once a student is determined to be eligible under the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA), an IEP or Individualized Education Plan is written and services begin.


    Out of County: Parents or guardians should contact the South Forsyth Middle School Special Education Department Chair or the Forsyth County Special Education Department. Transfer students will need to provide a current IEP or sign a release of records so that current student information may be obtained. All records will be reviewed by Forsyth County personnel and an IEP committee to determine appropriate services.


    In County: IEP’s from within the county transfer automatically to SFMS.


    Service Models:

    General Education: Students with disabilities are served in the general education classroom with no special education personnel support.
    Consultation: Students with disabilities receive one hour / month of service.
    Supportive: Students with disabilities receive service from paraprofessionals in a general education class.
    Co-taught: Students with disabilities receive service from certified teachers in a general education class.

    Special Education Class: Classes vary due to specific IEPs. Please contact SFMS for additional information.


    Survival Tips for Parents:
    The Parent Portal in Infinite Campus is a web-based application and allows you access to pertinent information about your child’s performance, attendance, assignments,health records, and more. Registration information is available at: www.forsyth.k12.ga.us



    Survival Tips For Students:

    Keep a notebook or folder for each class.

    Use your Its Learning Calendar to write down your homework and keep up with test dates.

    Always take notes in class.

    Review and read your class notes daily.

    Complete and turn in homework.

    Makeup all missed work.

    Ask questions.

    Get involved and have fun!
    If you need any additional help, please email the South Forsyth Middle School Department Chair for Exceptional Students (additional information can be found on the staff directory on the SFMS website).