• Substitute Teaching at SFHS
  • Welcome treasured substitutes!
    We are glad you are visiting our page for you. The service you provide South Forsyth High School continues meaningful education in the absent of teachers. Here at South there are a few ways to pick up available jobs. One way is by responding to our evening email that is sent to your email address every day at 5 pm. If you are interested in receiving this, please contact us to be added to this database. 
    Another way to pick up jobs is to be available via text. Any unexpected absences that come in are usually filled via texting. The quicker you respond, the more likely you will get the job and be asked back more frequently.
    Please feel free to view this page, especially the Substitute Resources section. This section is created by some of our all-star substitutes who graciously agreed to share some of their tricks.  In order to become certified to substitute at South Forsyth High School or any school in Forsyth County, please see the links to FCSS substitute information.

Who to Contact

  • Melissa McCance - 770.781.2264 x 100101
    Tom Wolff - 770.781.2264 x 100117

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