• Our instructional technology vision is to use classroom technology to engage students in asking questions and choosing tools to facilitate real-world problem solving. Forsyth County School System has made a considerable investment in technology to help us accomplish our mission. Students are at work with technology every day throughout our building.

    • All classrooms have 10 Chromebooks for student use.
    • Every classroom has a ClearTouch Interactive Panel that allows students to interact with engaging presentations. Students can manipulate the information on the board or create their own work in order to internalize concepts.
    • Students are able to bring in their own devices and connect to our BYOT wireless network to extend the resources available in each classroom. These devices are used as students apply what they have learned in class.
    • Teachers have access to multiple carts of Chromebooks to supplement classroom and BYOT equipment.
    • Teachers have access to document and web cameras, which capture their learning experiences throughout the day and allows us to connect with other classrooms around the world through online sessions.
    • Settles Bridge has a MakerBot 5th Generation 3D printer. Students work with teachers to create 3D models using the 3D Builder software available on our cart of laptops.

    At any given time in our building, students might be researching a topic on the Internet, creating a digital movie or digital presentation in lieu of a written report, making a chart in a spreadsheet or a graphing program, sending a story or movie from a hand-held device to a desktop, using an online resource to practice skills learned in their content area, or collaborating with a classroom or career professional through an online session.

    Instructional Technology Motto