Paula Posner
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      Ellie Lennen
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      Kim Rogers
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      Jennifer Grimes
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      Natalie Sanfilippo

    This year I am beginning my 13th year teaching in Forsyth County! I have taught 1st Grade, 3rd Grade as well as Title I and ESOL in grades K-5.  I graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Early Childhood Education. Go Dawgs! In 2011, I completed my master's degree at Piedmont College. I have two sweet nieces and one sweet nephew that live in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL that I try to visit as often as possible! I am also blessed to have two nieces that live right around the corner from me that I love to spend time with! I am looking forward to another wonderful year at Brandywine!

    phone 480602 email nsanfilippo@forsyth.k12.ga.us




    The ESOL program is designed to support language acquisition for students who qualify for services.  Students are served in small group setting, using several different service models, depending on student needs.  The ESOL standards are addressed through academic content.  To learn more about the Wida Standards, click here.  Please feel free to contact the ESOL department at anytime if questions arise.