DeSana Middle School


    Home of the Dragons!


    Welcome to the website of DeSana Middle School!  We are truly excited about what promises to be an awesome Year 5 at DeSana!

    Opening our doors for the first time in August 2016, we are a school with a rich legacy, named after a remarkable couple in the Forsyth community, Jim and Jeanne DeSana. The DeSanas were highly talented and committed community members who were extraordinarily passionate about helping young people be successful. For thirty plus years, they gave of their time . . . their talents . . . their leadership . . . expertise . . . intellect . . . and their monetary resources . . . all for the betterment of young people in our great community.

    With a projected enrollment this year of approximately 1070 sixth, seventh and eighth grade students filling our hallways and classrooms and working on-line, we are excited about our new year at DeSana and the countless possibilities and opportunities that it holds!  While we know this will be a most extraordinary and unprecedented year in education in so many ways, we look forward to working with the finest group of students around - - - our young Dragons . . . our fantastic, committed and involved parents . . . and an incredibly supportive business community!  Whether you decide for your child to start this new school year with us face-to-face, or, perhaps, wait until the second semester in January to join us here, we look forward to seeing our young Dragons back at DeSana!

    Our highly talented, caring, and extremely enthusiastic teachers and support staff are eager to engage our students in quality, meaningful and rigorous work in our classrooms and on-line, along with providing some fun and special times through many extracurricular activities, clubs, performing musical groups, and athletic teams and events as they are able to occur.  Working together, we are quite confident that we can continue to provide a top-notch education for our young Dragons!

    Throughout this year at DeSana, we will build upon the solid foundation we have established thus far . . . one that is built on the cornerstone of excellence in education. Our mission each day? Simply put:


    Collaborate . . . Create . . . Innovate . . . Persevere . . . Inspire!


    So to that end, our staff of highly qualified professional educators and support personnel is committed to providing our students many opportunities --- both inside and outside of the classroom and on-line --- for high caliber learning, continual growth, leadership skills development, community service, and achievement at a high level of excellence! We pledge that this will be our focus daily, and we invite and encourage our parents to work in partnership with us to optimize the opportunities in all five facets of our DeSana program - - - Academics (first & foremost always!), The Arts, Athletics, Activities, and Altruistic Endeavors.

    DeSana Middle School is located in the southwestern area of Forsyth County, on James Road, which is right off of Union Hill Road, which runs off of McFarland Parkway. Our state-of-the-art facility is a gorgeous, two-story school, with an interior design that is bright, sleek, and modern. The latest in educational technology can be found throughout our school, and there is plenty of flexible space and furnishings for collaborative group work for both students and teachers. While natural light abounds within our school, the grounds around our building provide many possibilities for outdoor learning, and include a couple of outdoor classrooms, several areas for outside activities, an athletic field, and an established woodlands area, filled with many hardwoods and a stream running through it. We are, indeed, very fortunate to have such great outdoor space for our students to use!

    Again, we welcome you to DeSana Middle School as we continue to grow and broaden the opportunities for our young Dragons!  We look forward to working together with every member of our DeSana Family in building upon what we have established these past four years . . . creating a most wonderful school where our young Dragons’ imaginations, ingenuity and passion for learning continue to grow every single day!  For . . .


              We are . . .


        Diverse thinkers who

        Engage across cultures and

        Seek new learning opportunities that

        Apply to real-world experiences.  We are

        Not afraid to fail

        And try again.


             We are DeSana!