• Longhorn Lambert High School's Lunch and Learn 5.0 (Fall 2020)

    Lambert High School's Lunch and Learn program allows students to receive additional academic support during their lunch period. 
    If you have additional questions about Lunch and Learn, please feel free to email us.
    For Fall 2020, we will be implementing a virtual Lunch and Learn experience.  More details will be given to students...
    Make-Up Testing
    There will be an an opportunity for students to do retesting/make-up assessments during Lunch & Learn in the Media Center.
    The tentative schedule for make-up testing (to begin in September) is below:
    Monday - CTAE, World Language, H/PE, FA 

    Tuesday - English

    Wednesday - Math

    Thursday - Science

    Friday - Social Studies

    *Students must have a pass from the teacher assigning the test to go to the Media Center for testing.  Students are also encouraged to take make-up assessments during Saturday LASSO (dates are published on the LHS website)