Lambert High School's Lunch and Learn program allows students to receive additional academic support during their lunch period.  Lunch and Learn is a flexible schedule that allows all students to receive additional academic support during their lunch period.
    Each student has a 50-minute lunch period. Our students can make arrangements to get help from a teacher in the beginning of the period and still have plenty of time to eat lunch, work on assignments, study for a test, or just have a brain break and socialize with their peers.
    This 50-minute lunch period is a privilege and Lambert High School reserves the right to revert to a 25-minute lunch schedule if deemed necessary. Lunch detention may also be assigned to students who have difficulty displaying the maturity required for the full Lunch and Learn program. 


    Mandated Lunch and Learn
    In addition, students may be referred to Lunch and Learn in the Media Center (The Corral--back right corner) for missing work, recovery, or remediation.  If students are referred to Lunch and Learn with an official Teacher Referral, students must attend and come to the Media Center in the beginning of the period and stay for at least half of the period.  Failure to attend this mandated Lunch and Learn may result in disciplinary consequences.
    Make-Up Testing 
    Beginning in September, students have an opportunity to complete make-up assessments during their lunch period in the Media Center.
    • Students must go to the Medi Center if assigned a make-up test.
    • Students may get their lunch first, but should report to the Media Center as soon as possible to complete a make-up test. Students that are testing may bring their lunch to the Media Center.
    • Students may leave the Media Center when they are done with their test.
    Students are encouraged to ask their teachers about opportunities at Lunch and Learn.
    If you have additional questions about Lunch and Learn, please feel free to email us

    *Students are also encouraged to take make-up assessments during Saturday LASSO in the Media Center (dates are published on the LHS website)