• Longhorn Lambert HS Lunch and Learn 4.0: FAQs

    We want to provide as much insight into what students (and parents) can expect through our FAQ page. Don't see your particular question? Feel free to email us directly with what you need to know. 
    When will Lambert have Lunch and Learn?
    • Lambert will have Lunch and Learn periods EVERYDAY! Students will be assigned either a 5th period Lunch and Learn period or a 6th period Lunch and Learn as a part of their schedule.
    What goes on in the Media Center during Lunch and Learn?
    • Lambert's Lunch and Learn is made up of four components:
    1. Department Support - teachers (and possibly National Honor Society students) at department tables (department signs are on tables) provide support everyday through reteaching, clarifying, helping with assignments, and projects.
    2. Missing Assignment Referrals (Monday-Thursday) - teachers may refer students with this triplicate form to Lunch and Learn to complete missing assignments/assessments.  After signing in, students check into the Student Success Center in the Media Center (back right corner).  Students must come at the START of their lunch period, and must attend ou must attend every Lunch and Learn session until all missing work is completed and submitted. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.
    3. Make-up Assessments (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) - students who need to make-up assessments will do so in Room 2146 during Lunch and Learn - available.
    4. RTI/MTSS Student Success Academy - This will only be open to IST/SST students receiving those supports - will focus on check-in and executive functioning skills lessons.
    Does that mean we will have 8 classes each day?
    • Not exactly. Students will have 8 periods on their daily schedule; however, they will still attend only 7 academic periods with one period of lunch each day. During the Lunch and Learn period, students will be able to move flexibly through our opportunities - including time to eat lunch and time to access the supports in place each day.
    Will all students be able to participate?
    • Yes! All students will be able to participate in the supports in place for students, though there will be some opportunities that only students assigned to specific programs will be able to access. Specifically, the Response to Intervention (RTI) Room will only be open to students receiving those supports each day.
    Do students get to leave campus for lunch each day?
    • No. Student safety is our primary concern and we cannot ensure each student is safe when they are off campus. The district has allowed us to hire additional personnel to help maintain a secure campus during this time of additional freedom as well as having teachers on duty during the Lunch and Learn period to redirect students into the open areas of campus.
    What academic opportunities are available?
    • We have quite a variety of opportunities for students in the Media Center, including support/remediation/reteaching from the following departments:
      • English/Language Arts
      • Math
      • Science
      • Social Studies
      • World Languages
    Students will be able to seek assistance from teachers in each department during Lunch and Learn to help them with upcoming assignments, complete missing assignments, clarify confusion, and support classroom instruction. While the teacher in the Media Center may not be your student's specific teacher, students will be able to receive support from teachers in each department, every day! Teachers will also be able to let their individual students know when they will be available for specific questions and concerns as their duty permits.
        • Peer Tutoring Opportunities: Peer tutors will be available for all departments in the Media Center, and will be able to provide support and other help during the Lunch and Learn time period. These National Honor Society (NHS) and Spanish National Honor Society (SNHS) students are invaluable resources for peers!
        • Response to Intervention (RTI) Room: Students who are receiving additional support through the IST/SST process will receive daily check-ins to support their academic, organizational, and time management goals.
        • Silent Lunch: For those students who struggle to demonstrate their most appropriate dining etiquette, in the lunchroom or throughout the building, or those students struggling to remain in appropriate locations during lunch and learn, the Silent Lunch room will be there for reflective planning on how to best use their time each day.
    Will students still have block schedule throughout the week?
    • Yes. Students will meet for all 8 periods on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays, but we will have extended block periods to accommodate labs, writing, research, and application opportunities in classes on Wednesdays and Thursdays each week.