• Longhorn Lambert High School's Lunch and Learn 5.0 (Fall 2020)

    Lambert High School's Lunch and Learn program allows students to receive additional academic support during their lunch period. 
    If you have additional questions about Lunch and Learn, please feel free to email us.
    For Fall 2020, we will be implementing a virtual Lunch and Learn experience, as some teachers are making themselves available for help via Microsoft Teams during students' Lunch/Advisement Period.  Students are encouarged to ask their teachers about virtual learning opportunities.
    Make-Up Testing
    Students have an opportunity to do retesting/make-up assessments during their Lunch/Advisement period in the Media Center.  The schedule for make-up testing is below:

    Monday - Health/Personal Fitness/FA/CTAE

    Tuesday - English/WL

    Wednesday - Science

    Thursday - Social Studies

    Friday - Math

    • Students will be socially distanced while testing.
    • Students must go to the Media Center if assigned a make-up test.
    • Students must have a pass from the teacher (it will be a "Testing Cover Sheet") assigning the test to go to the Media Center for testing during their Lunch/Advisement Period.
    • Students may get their lunch first, but should report to the Media Center as soon as possible if taking a make-up test.  Students that are testing may bring their lunch to the Media Center.
    • Students must remain in the Media Center the ENTIRE PERIOD if testing in order to reduce movement in the building.

    *Students are also encouraged to take make-up assessments during Saturday LASSO (dates are published on the LHS website)