• What is DeSana Middle School’s Day of Good Deeds?

    D3 Day is Tuesday,  May 19, 2020

                D3 Day is a day of community service that provides the opportunity for all of the students, staff members, and parent and community volunteers to come together . . . work side-by-side for a common and greater good . . . to make a marked difference in our wonderful community and the lives of many individuals. 

                These past three years D3 Day at DeSana has been a huge success!  In May 2020, we will send the 7th and 8th graders out into the community while the 6th graders work on service projects at DeSana.  We will continue to work with different community non-profit and charitable organizations, participating in such projects as making blankets for children to snuggle with as they arrive at a hospital emergency room . . . to brightening the day of some of our senior citizens in the community by serving them lunch, playing games, and/or quietly listening or engaging in conversation with them . . . to packing thousands of homemade cookies to send to our US troops overseas . . . to collecting and sorting food for local food pantries.  All of these acts of service and many more will be the top priority for our young Dragons as they give of their time, their talents, and their hearts!

                We will have a D3 Day t-shirt design contest.  Students will be encouraged to design a t-shirt logo that captures the spirit of D3 Day 2020.  The design will then be put on the t-shirts given to all students, staff, and parent volunteers . . . over 1000 t-shirts . . .  to be worn on D3 Day. This t-shirt is not only wonderful for keeping everyone together in a group, but is also great for identification and safety purposes as well.  We will ask each student for $5 to cover the cost of their t-shirt.  Please be on the lookout this early Fall for information about making a donation for your child’s D3 Day t-shirt.

                There will be many opportunities on D3 Day for parent volunteers to join in and help, so that means we NEED YOU!  Without our parent volunteers, we are not able to go to the service sites to help others.  Please also be on the lookout throughout the year for opportunities to volunteer.  We had approximately 80 parent volunteers participate in D3 Day 2019 and we will need many more in 2020.  Our parent volunteers are invaluable in making this day a wonderful success!

                We rely on corporate and family sponsorships to fund D3 Day (paying for service project supplies such as rice, sugar, diapers, fleece, laundry detergent, cat litter, dog food, etc.).  If you own a company or work for a company that supports community service projects, please contact us regarding a tax deductible sponsorship.  Family sponsorships are also very important and will be recognized with your family name on the D3 Day 2020 t-shirt.  All donations are tax deductible (please request a letter from the front office).

                We look forward to working with all of you this year in making our fourth annual D3 Day a very successful and awesome event!  If you have questions about D3 Day 2020 or would like information on being a business or family sponsor, please contact Dawn Bourg at dawn@bourgs.com or Jennifer Harris at jharris@campharris.org