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    District Supervisor: Gretchen Higgins
    Email Address:
    Phone number: (678) 965-5010  ext. 382107

    FAX: 678-965-5011 

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    Welcome to the Big Creek Wildcats Transportation Page


    ghiggins@forsyth.k12.ga.us 678-965-5010 ext 382107
    Chris Starkey, Team Leader 678-965-5010 ext 383107

    With the goal of safety in mind, FCS Transportation is requiring that all families with children who will be riding the school bus complete a short & simple verification process before the start of the 2019-20 school year.  Links to complete the 2019-20 FCS School Bus Verification Form can be found on the Forsyth County School website at https://www.forsyth.k12.ga.us/Page/51826.


    Please understand that this is for the safety of your student(s) and not intended to be an inconvenience.



    Are you interested in being a bus driver or know someone who would be a great bus driver?  Opportunity is knocking!  Please follow this link for more information:

    Bus Border  

    For more information you can go to the Forsyth County Schools Transportation Department page at:
    Click the link above to see Elvis and the SOAR Patrol on the Head-Line News (HLN)!! 


    Gretchen Higgins

    Gretchen Higgins, District Supervisor
    Shiloh Point Elementary - Big Creek Elementary
    Whitlow Elementary - Piney Grove Middle
    ~Born in Iowa; lived in Nebraska, Illinois, Kansas, Florida, California, Tennessee and Georgia.
    ~Earned my Master's Degree in Business Administration.
    ~Two children and five grandchildren.
    ~Son in Tennessee and Daughter at Arizona State University. 
    ~Currently have 3 dogs but have been home with snakes, birds and fish. 
    ~One brother in Switzerland and mom in Suwanee, Georgia.

    Chris Starkey

    Chris Starkey, Team Leader

    - First responsibility every day is to be on routes in the absence of drivers -
    - Bus lane personnel who works with schools and drivers - 
    - On board bus driver route training -
    - Works with schools and drivers regarding route questions -
     - Mentors drivers for continuous improvement -
    - Answers phones and returns calls -
    - Assists with assigning new and relocated students to pre-set bus stops -
    Placed first in Piney Grove District Road-e-o six out of the last seven years.
    Placed first or second in six of the last seven county school bus Road-e-o's.
    Placed first in state level Road-e-o 2014.

    ~ Participated in International Safety Competition (Road-e-o) 2014


    Lead Drivers 
    - First responsibility every day is to be on routes in the absence of drivers -
    - Bus lane personnel who works with schools and drivers -
    - On board bus driver route training -
    - Mentors drivers for continuous improvement -
    Bus Route Information: 
    Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:
     Follow the SOAR Bus Rules to be a safe bus rider.
    Have a bus driver or transportation employee that you want to nominate for Employee of the Month?  Click the following link to the nomination form!
    "We are professional and caring employees, providing transportation services that protect students, support quality learning and improve the community."