• Additional Opportunity to Learn (AOL) Time

     Has your young Dragon learned everything in their life the first time it was presented to them?  Does your student like to come in for early morning help sessions?  Does your child really like to stay after school for help sessions?  If the answer to any of these questions is “no” then Additional Opportunity to Learn (AOL) time might be just the thing for your middle schooler!  AOL Time is a 50 minute block of time (9:00 – 9:50) that happens first thing in the morning on Thursdays, with a second AOL Time happening on some Wednesdays throughout the year.

    During AOL Time, students may select any teacher they have (for the four core subjects + Spanish in 8th grade) that they need to go to for extra help OR to prepare even more so for an upcoming assessment.  Students have the opportunity for “the gift of time” to receive re-teaching from their teachers during this block of time.

    So if your young Dragon is struggling in a particular class or if he/she has received a low score on a summative assessment, please encourage your student to take advantage of AOL Time.  Ask your child the night before which teacher he/she will be going to for some extra help during AOL Time, and then make it the first topic of conversation that you discuss with your child in the afternoon/evening of the day on which AOL occurs.

    Here are the dates for AOL Time for the rest of this school year:

    WEDNESDAYS:  1/30, 2/6, 2/27, 3/20

    THURSDAYS:  1/17,  1/24,  1/31,  2/7,  2/14,  2/21,  2/28,  3/7,  3/14,  3/21,  3/28,  5/2,  5/9

    **April 1 – 5 is Spring Break 

    ***April 10 – 26 is GA Milestones EOG Testing --- No AOL Time during these weeks