• DeSana Dragon Academy

    Dragon Academy is an opportunity for students to work on completing, taking or re-taking formative and/or summative assessments (i.e. unit tests, projects, essays, quizzes. etc.). Dragon Academy will happen on Fridays --- at least two times a month --- from 4:15 – 6:30, with teachers and an administrator supervising each session. It is a fantastic opportunity for students to drastically improve their mastery of the concepts they are learning in their classes.

    Students will be invited by their teachers . . . or they may invite themselves . . . to attend Dragon Academy if they are missing work or need to re-take an assessment to show better mastery of the standards, or complete a project.

    Although students will have two hours to complete their work, once they complete all that they came to accomplish, students will be able to call their parent to come pick them up.