• Denmark High School's Mission Statement

    To ensure all of our students achieve academic success and personal growth required to be productive in a global society.

    School-wide Collective Commitments

    • We will work together - interdependently - in collaborative teams.
    • We will demonstrate a personal commitment to the academic success and social/emotional well-being of each student.

    We will develop positive relationships with students and with each other that promote a positive learning environment and a strong Denmark Community.


    Photo from www.drleiladenmark.com 

    Denmark HS is the sixth traditional high school in Forsyth County. Named after Dr. Leila Denmark, one of the first women pediatricians in Georgia, the school is adjacent to where Dr. Denmark lived and operated her last medical office. Working with Eli Lilly and researchers at Emory University, Dr. Denmark helped develop a successful vaccine for whooping cough in 1932. She retired at the age of 103 as one of the oldest practicing physicians in the nation. She passed away in 2012 at the age of 114 as the fifth-oldest living person in the world.  

    The school building has the capacity to hold 2,500 students and maintains equestrian facilities from the former landowners for veterinary science course offerings.


    Denmark is a Great Dane Place! Watch our videos below:



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