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    Advanced Placement classes have content that is both rigorous and challenging. These courses are taught at the college level and must meet certain criteria outlined on the College Board’s Advanced Placement website (www.collegeboard.com/apcentral).  Based on their performance on the rigorous exams in each course administered in May and based on the policies of each college, it is possible for students to obtain college placement exemptions or college credit. Course descriptions and course requirements are outlined on the College Board website. Forsyth County requires its AP teachers to complete training through the College Board for the AP course(s) that they teach. This intensive training prepares them to teach the skills and concepts required in the subject area AP curriculum. Advanced Placement offerings are contingent upon sufficient enrollment of interested, self-disciplined, and self-motivated students who are willing to commit to considerable out-of-class preparation. Certain AP courses require prerequisites courses. Questions about content within a specific class are best directed to the teacher of that class.
    The AP program provides an opportunity for high school students to take college-level curriculum classes. We encourage students to take the examinations in May in order to earn college credit.
    To view a complete listing of AP Course descriptions, please access AP Central.

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