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  • The A&E Institute at Forsyth Central combines a rigorous learning environment framed within producing highly skilled students ready for the film industry or film studies. Our Unique learning community develops a student’s potential and ensures students are well equipped to meet the challenges of post-secondary education and film careers in the fastest growing industry in the state of Georgia. Graduates of the Arts and Entertainment Institute at Forsyth Central will be competitive applicants for both film industry work force and post-secondary educational institutions.  

    The Arts and Entertainment Institute at Forsyth Central Mission:

    • To provide a course pathway that will prepare students as top tier candidates for employment in the film industry, and university studies.
    • Cultivate highly trained professionals for the film industry, all within the framework of developing a competitive portfolio of work.
    • Produce skilled and capable leaders, artisans, and technicians, who are creative, motivated, and prepared for the rigors of filmmaking.


    Dan Grass - A&E Director - dgrass@forsyth.k12.ga.us