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    Georgia Graduation Requirements
    23 Credits Total:
    English: 4 Credits
    Math: 4 Credits
    Science: 4 Credits
    Social Studies: 3 Credits
    Career/World Language/Fine Arts: 3 Credits
    Health/ Personal Fitness: Both Required
    Government/ Economics: Both Required
    Post Secondary Admission Testing
    PSAT- Practice SAT for Grades 9-11
       - Test is admisinstered
       - All 10th grade students take the test with the feed paid for by the state
       - All 9th and 11th grade students are encouraged to take the test each year
       - 11th grade students can qualify for National Merit Scholarships 
    SAT/ACT- Grades 11-12
       - Students are recommended to take both assessments
       - Please click the links below for more information 
    For FREE SAT and ACT prep, visit www.prepfactory.com.
    Hope Scholarship Eligibility
       - 3.0 Core GPA (English, Math, Science, Social Studies, World Language Courses) 
       - 4 rigor courses (see list located on gafutures website below)
    Zell Miller Eligibility
       - 3.7 Core GPA
       - 1200 Math/ELA Combined for SAT
       - 26 ACT Composite Score
       * Full tuition at Georgia Public Post-Secondary Colleges 
    For more information regarding Hope and Zell Miller Scholarships, please visit Gafutures.org