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  • The Forsyth Central Humanities Academy will be holding a virtual parent-information night on 10/27 at 6:30 pm.
    We would like for this event to be an opportunity for parents to ask any questions concerning expectations for their child's freshmen year. 
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    Our Mission 

    At FCHS, we are leading Humanities Academy students to be published, practiced, and prepared for college, career and life. 

    Our Vision 

    At FCHS, we are leading Humanities Academy students to become innovative thinkers who can develop career-based solutions through a variety of perspectives and experiences.

    Our Core Values

    • Developing curiosity and resilience
    • Fostering empathy and open-mindedness
    • Ecouraging proactivity and resourcefulness 



    Why should students consider The Humanities Academy? 

    The Humanities Academy at Forsyth Central combines a rigorous learning environment focused on the human condition and culture. Our Unique learning community develops a student’s potential and ensures students are well equipped to meet the challenges of post-secondary education Humanities careers in a global economy. Graduates of the Humanities Academy at Forsyth Central will be able to be creative thinkers who can reason and interpret the human experience, deal with complex information critically and logically, and communicate what they know.

    There, they will: 

    • Develop creative and critical thinking skills in order to identify problems and craft innovative solutions
    • Recognize that true learning is asking the questions to understand our local and global impact through a variety of perspectives and experiences
    • Draw from the past to understand the present and help students develop the solutions to future real world problems


    For application information, please visit the Prospective Students page.