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    The Governor's Honors Program is a four week, all expenses paid academic experience in Rome, GA. This year's session is June 19- July 16, 2022. Applicants are nominated by their teachers and interviewed at the school, district, and state-level before being selected in core subject areas as well as fine and performing arts. For more information please see visit the Georgia Governors Honors Program Homepage at https://gosa.georgia.gov/governors-honors-program


    Application Resources


    GHP Administrator: Dr. Rebecca Britten (rbritten@forsyth.k12.ga.us)

    District Administrator: Catherine Keyser (ckeyser@forsyth.k12.ga.us)

    District Information: https://www.forsyth.k12.ga.us/Page/49816

     Guide for Parents of a Governor's Honors Program (GHP) Nominated Student

    • If grades did not count, would your child still want to study deeply in the area of nomination on their own? 
    • What does your child's resume look like in that field outside of class projects? 
    • Do they go out of their way to learn more? Students need to truly be interested in the topic and invested in learning more deeply. 
    • Does your child have the social and emotional ability to adjust to difficult situations, handle being away from home for 4 weeks with people they don’t know?
    • Being smart and being “good at it” is only part of the equation.  A solid GHP student might not always be the most outgoing or always win competitions.   
    • GHP candidates are not always a straight A kid; sometimes just a hard worker who is passionate about learning in that subject is selected


    Please review the requirements for participation before inquiring.