• Order your Lakeside yearbook here . The yearbook costs $45 until October 7th when the price goes up to $50. (This price will end on Nov. 4th and go up again).

    We will frequently request that students upload pictures for various spreads. If you are interested in having your photo considered for the yearbook when we send out requests, please go to lmsyearbook.com and click on the “Share your Photos” box. After you upload, it will ask for your email address, your child’s name, grade and a description. Please tell us where the photo was taken and the names of any friends who are also in the picture.

    8th grade ads

    Please start looking for pictures now as November 1st is the last day for us to accept 8th grade tribute ads.  


    Please note that fall yearbook pictures are typically submitted for publishing in November and these are the only portraits that will be included in the yearbook. 

    We make every effort to include as many students as possible in the yearbook. The staff of 8th graders is excited to begin this adventure. The more events we have and the more a student participates, the more likely he/she is to be in random pictures throughout the book.