• SOARIN' Is Currently Full!

    Accepting Requests To Be Waitlisted.


    Fees for 2023-24

    Annual Registration Fee:      $65/student

    Full Time (3-5 days/week):  $300/month for first student & $250/month for additional sibling(s)

    Part Time (1-2 days/week): $200/month (for all students)

    Note: we will not have a drop-in option in 2023-24


    2023-24 Parent Handbook

    Please carefully read the new 2023-24 Parent Handbook which contains our updated program policies and information. You will be required to sign off on the handbook during the registration process. 



    This link allows you to email Laura Chapman, our SOARIN' Director, to get your student added to our waitlist.


    For parents of registered SOARIN' students:   SOARIN' will use the REMIND application to blast out short and quick reminders in the form of a brief text message.  Click HERE to view instructions on how to sign up for our REMIND group so you will always receive our reminder messages. Remind Troubleshooting


    For questions, please contact a Program Director.

    Laura Chapman: f38528@forsyth.k12.ga.us     OR     Catia Salehabadi: CSalehabadi@forsyth.k12.ga.us