• Ice cream is available for purchase by students on Wednesday and Friday.  As the parent, YOU decide if you want your child to eat ice cream or not and how often by depositing money in your child's Ice Cream  MyPaymentsPlus account or not and by having the conversation with your child.  For those who approve of their child eating ice cream, we have products available for all students, keeping in mind any possible allergies. 


    Ice cream parties may be booked for your child's birthday or any other occasion, with only 1 class party per date, first come, first served.  Links to booking your date through the end of May are below.  Ice Cream costs $1.25 each daily, or $20 if purchasing a whole-class party.  Please ensure ice cream money is deposited in the MyPaymentsPlus ICE CREAM account, which is different from breakfast and lunch accounts.