• Future Eagles,


    We want to welcome you to SFMS! It has been said that “Success is not a place at which one arrives, but rather the Spirit with which one undertakes and continues the journey.” - Alex Noble


    This means a couple of things. First, it means that although the end result (grades) is essential, the journey we take along the way as we curiously investigate the world around us, stretch our thinking, grow in character, and become a true community of learners is just as crucial as that end goal. What this also means is that as you, your parents, and your teachers work together for you to have a successful expedition through sixth grade, we need you to do it in the spirit of:







    Sixth grade is an important time in your social and academic growth as you switch classes, face new challenges, and meet students from other elementary schools. We will take steps together to work towards your success as you explore middle school. As we travel the road of this sixth-grade trip, you will be challenged to grow in many ways, and if you are willing to work hard, you will love the direction this journey will take you in.


    We hope you are as excited as we are about beginning this fantastic expedition! 


    To access our Rising 6th Grade Website, click here!