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    Shout to Riverwatch Middle A/V students and Mr. Adam Collins for recording and creating the videos! 

    Thank you Principals, Assistant Principals, and Assistant Administrators for all your effort to make this

    event possible for our community!

    Lambert High School

    Amanda Thrower - Principal

    Scott Dean - AP     Sara Barlow - AA     Kristen Fowler - AP

    Scott Luthart - AP     Cyndi Johnson - AA     Laura King - AA

    Kelli Schuyler - AP     Jes O’Kelley - AP

    Rebecca Parker - AP     Amber Steele - AA

    South Forsyth Middle School

    Molly Bradley - Prinicpal

    Samantha Bradley - AP     Dana Reid - AP     Nick Sexton - AP

    Riverwatch Middle School

    Carrie MacAllaster - Principal

    John James - Ap     Ginger Breyo - AP     Kelly Lamb - AP

    Sharon Elementary School

    Brian Nelson - Principal

    Tennille Walsh - AP     Megan Bass - AP     Ellen Long - AA

    Johns Creek Elementary School

    Alyssa Degliumberto - Principal

    Kayla Fauscett - AP     Suzanne Pitz - AP

    Brookwood Elementary school

    Rachel Moity - Principal

    Rebecca Cahill - AP     Brandy Forde - AA

    Settles Bridge Elementary school

    Amber Lamb - Principal

    Jenni Bueltel - AP     Brigitte Brantley - AA

    Fall 2023 Parent University Program 



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