• Hello ! Welcome to Custodial Services!

    Here is a little insight on what the custodians do for our school.

    Our Head Custodian, Dan Jackson, and his staff are responsible for keeping the school clean and in operating condition. Our custodial crew provides support for our staff and students each and every day.

    The custodial staff also makes sure that the facility is kept safe for each and every student, parent, or visitor that may come and go. There are also several special events that take place during and after school. Our custodial crew is in charge for the preparation for these events. This is a task that is critical for both the staff, students and for a successful event.

    Our custodial crew insures that this facility is cleaned and sanitized on a daily basis so that each and everyone who comes and goes stays safe and healthy during their time spent at this wonderful facility.


     Dan Jackson, Head Custodian