• Full attendance policies and possible consequences for Forsyth County Schools can be found at this link.

    Excused Absences

    Excused absences are those designated by state law, State Board of Education policy, and Forsyth County School Board policy. Students may be excused for the following reasons:  

    1. personal illness or attendance in school that endangers a student’s health or the health of others;
    2. a serious illness or death in their immediate family necessitates absence from school;
    3. a court order or an order by a governmental agency, including pre-induction physical examinations for service in the armed forces, mandating absence from school;
    4. the observance of religious holidays, necessitating absence from school;
    5. conditions rendering attendance impossible or hazardous to student health or safety;
    6. a scheduled medical, dental or eye examination of the student;
    7. registering to vote or voting, for a period not to exceed one day,
    8. visiting a parent or legal guardian who is in the military service in the armed forces and has been called to duty or is on leave from overseas deployment to a combat zone or combat support post. The student may be excused for a maximum of 5 days per school year.


    Parents Responsibilities: It is the responsibility of the parent / guardian to notify the school in writing of the date and reason for the absence within 5 school days of the absence. The parent / guardian must note the student’s name, the date(s) of absence(s), and the reason for the absence. If a student is being checked-in or checked-out for a doctor’s appointment, a physician’s note or appointment card is required to be considered excused. Students with excessive absences may be required to present a note from a doctor or the Health Department to be considered excused.