2024-2025 PARKING

    The parking application for the 2024-25 school year will open after Spring Break as follows:

                  Rising Seniors may apply from April 15, 2024-May 27, 2024

                  Rising Juniors may apply May 1, 2024-May 27, 2024.   

    • The application will be accessible through SCHOOL PAY only, and payment and application are completed and submitted together.
    • The application will CLOSE on May 27, 2024 OR when all spots are filled, whichever comes first. 
    • The parking fee is $135 for the year and is NON-REFUNDABLE
    • Students must have a valid driver’s license by SEPTEMBER 1, 2024 to apply.
    • If you will NOT have your driver’s license by September 1, 2024, you may NOT apply.
    • You may choose your LOT preference where indicated in the application, with a 2nd choice required.
      • Lot choice is not guaranteed.
    • Students who choose “AUDITORIUM” must have a schedule with IE2 at the end of the day and be off campus no later than 2 pm.

    Pass pick up will be at Round Up in late July, and you must show your driver’s license to receive pass.



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