2021-2022 After School Activities
    Daves Creek is an active school community. There's always something amazing happening here. Whether it's dynamite student projects, visiting speakers, cultural celebrations or PTA supported events, our school community is a fun place to learn.
    We are pleased to offer a variety of after school activities for our students.  Please check out this document to see requirements and meeting days.  View our additional clubs that were added for Winter/Spring 2022.
    Registration will remain open until maximum enrollment is reached or the teacher closes enrollment.   
    **Please note - If a student is late being picked up, the student will be cared for in Dolphin Cove until parent arrives. Parents will incur a charge of $20.00 for Dolphin Cove.

    Please check the meeting dates because there are several activities/teams that meet on the same days.  Refunds will not be given.

    Competition Teams:  We offer several competition teams that students must apply for and coaches choose members based on performance. 
    These teams are:  
    • 3rd grade Math Team
    • 4th grade Math Team
    • 5th grade Math Team
    • Science Olympiad (4th & 5th grade)
     Math Team results will be posted on Friday, October 22, 2021.


    Registration for additional 2021-2022 After School Activities will opened at the beginning of Quarter 3.  View the club offerings for Winter/Spring 2022.

Last Modified on March 3, 2022