• School Hours & Student Drop Off
    School hours are 8:20-3:00 PM. Students are not allowed to be dropped off at Daves Creek before 7:50 AM unless they are going to chorus, another approved school related program or are enrolled in the morning day care, Dolphin Cove. Daves Creek does not have staff on duty to watch children that are dropped off before 7:50 AM.
    • Attendance:

      The parent/guardian must submit a note, or email to the homeroom teacher and attendance clerk five (5) school days for an absence to be considered excused. Attendance email: kcorso@forsyth.k12.ga.us. The note must include the student’s name, the date(s) of absence(s), and the reason for the absence. It is the responsibility of the parent(s)/guardian(s) to be in communication with the student’s teacher(s) and/or office staff when a student is absent, especially when it is for more than one day. The principal may require students to present appropriate medical or other documentation upon return to school for the purpose of validating that absences are excused. Non-School related activities and trips/vacations are unexcused absences Students must be in school in order to participate in afterschool activities


    • Late Check-In Or Early Check-Out: An unexcused late check-in or early check-out is defined as any time a student arrives late to school or leaves school early for a reason other than those defined by the State Board of Education as an excused absence. Students who miss more than half of the time in any class will be considered absent for that class period. When possible, medical and dental appointments should be made outside of school hours. If a student is being checked in or checked out for a doctor’s appointment, a parent note, physician’s note, or appointment card is required within 5 school days to be considered excused. After the tenth late check-in or early check-out, a physician’s note or appointment card is required within 5 school days to be considered excused.  Late Check-in - School begins at 8:20 am. In order to be considered present, your child must be in their classroom by 8:20 a.m. Your child will need at least 5 minutes to get to their classroom, so they will need to be out of the car by 8:15. As of 8/2022, all parents will be required to check in their child through our new automated Checkmate System. Early Check-out (No check-out after 2:30pm). If it is necessary for a student to check out early due to illness, the student must be assessed by the school nurse and meet assessment criteria for the school to excuse the absence. Parents may submit a note to excuse an early check-out due to illness. Students who are frequently absent, tardy, or check out early from school may be required by the school administration to provide medical documentation to validate any absence, tardy or early check-out as excused.


    • Bus Route Information: For information about our bus routes, visit the FCSS home page (https://www.forsyth.k12.ga.us/) and click on Bus Stops.Click I agree and then Continue.


    • Car Rider Information:
    1. Students may not be dropped off at the school before 7:50 AM unless they are enrolled in the before school child care program (Dolphin Cove) in the cafeteria. 
    2. Car riders must be dropped off/picked up in the car line at the front of the building. Car riders may not be dropped off/picked up at the bus entrance or Joint Venture.
    3. Drivers must pull all the way forward. Stopping near your students' hallway is not permitted.
    4. All adults must remain in the car at all times (please do not help your child exit)
    5. Morning Carline will end at 8:15. If you arrive after this time, you will be required to park and walk your student in.
    6. Drivers must have their car rider number displayed for the afternoon car line. Children not picked up by the end of the car line may be placed in the Dolphin Cove After-School program at the parent’s expense. School ends at 3:00. The expectation is that if you are a car rider your child is picked up by the time the car line ends. Most days, it is by 3:15.
    • Walker Information:
    •  Students are welcome to walk from home (to and from school) while accompanied by an adult. A  “Walker Pass'' must be applied for and carried. Families should not share walker passes with anyone that is not listed in the ParentPortal as a contact person. Parents have access to update 3 approved adults to pick up on ParentPortal. If there is a change of transportation (due to rain, etc…), parents must email the homeroom teacher prior to 2:30p.m.


    • Change in dismissal plans: A signed, dated note or email from the parent or guardian must be received in order for a student to be dismissed in any way other than the usual manner. This includes bus riders being picked up in a car line or vice versa. For safety reasons, transportation routines will not be altered with a verbal request. Emergencies will be handled on a case by case basis. Transportation Changes Must Be Received On Or Before 2:30 pm On The Day Of The Change. Any emergency changes after that time will need approval from the Administration.
    • Teachers and the office must be notified of last minute changes BY 2:30 PM in writing.
    NOTE: Students can no longer ride the bus home with another student.


    Other School Information and Forms

    Revised Procedures for Prevention of Allergic Reaction to Nuts


    The Forsyth County procedures for prevention of an allergic reaction to nuts has been changed.  The county has added the following statement to our procedures and posted it to the website.  We will continue to identify products known to contain nuts on our serving lines. However, the addition of the information below has been made. 

    *As with any commercially manufactured foods, some may be produced on equipment used to produce other allergen containing products such as milk, soy, wheat, and nuts.  These items are not identified on the serving line.  If a parent wishes, they may come to the central office food service department and look at the ingredient label notebook.


    Blocked Emails? 
    If you are having trouble getting your emails through to your student's teacher, it may be related to our network filter. To find out more, read Forsyth County's Email Disclaimer.


    FARS [Federal Automated Check Recovery System] - Attention Check Writers!

    We gladly accept your checks. However, in the event your check is returned, your account will be debited electronically for the face amount and fees allowed by your state. Please include the following information on your check: Driver's License Number, Full Name, Street Address, & Phone Number.


Last Modified on March 21, 2024