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    Kindergarten Lesson 2
    Community Helpers and Colors
    Lesson 5
    Balloons Over Broadway
    A cross curricular collaboration with Media, Technology, STEM, and Art Specials Classes!
    Media Focus:    Literature, Writing, Science, Technology, Geography
     Balloons over Broadway: The True Story of the Puppeteer of Macy's Parade
    Compare and Contrast the video clip from the 1939 parade and the 2014 parade
    Balloons have risen in the parade every year since 1928, except for 2 years during World War II when rubber and helium were needed in the war effort. 
    Uh-Oh, looks like there's a shortage of helium again in 2014-we can't use balloons in the parade this year!  What can we do? Just like Tony Sarg does, use YOUR skills and hobbies to come up with a way to solve this problem.  Use Pixie to write a story or draw a comic strip about how YOU SAVED THE MACY's Parade. 
    En Route
    Use the iPad minis to access google maps.  Type in our town (Cumming, GA).  With this guide, draw a map of your parade route.  Make your parade route about 2.6 miles, just like the Macy's Parade.  Pick a good starting and ending where people can line up to see!  Make sure you label your map.
    Parades are Popular all over the world!
    Find at least 2 different cultural holidays or celebration with parades.  
    Use the Media Center Catalog to search resources to help you find information to answer these questions:
    1.  What is the holiday about?
    2.  Where and how is it celebrated?
    3.  Are there puppets or floats?
    Share your findings! 

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