Educational Technology

     Responsible Use Guidelines for Forsyth County Schools’ Community

    The mission of Forsyth County Schools (FCS) is to prepare and inspire all students to contribute and excel. The district provides ongoing student instruction that develops graduated digital citizenship for using technology as a tool to achieve this mission. Information and Communication Technology is an integral part of FCS’ curriculum across subjects and grades in developmentally appropriate ways, and it is aligned to the competencies listed in the district’s Learner Profile which include: seek knowledge and understanding; think critically and solve problems; listen, communicate and interact effectively; exhibit strong personal qualities; and engage and compete in a global environment.

    I understand that using digital devices (whether personal or school owned) and the FCS network is a privilege, and when I use them according to the Responsible Use Guidelines I will keep that privilege.

    All members of Forsyth County Schools’ community agree to follow the Forsyth County Schools Code of Conduct, school rules and commit to the following responsible use guidelines.

    I will:

    • Use digital devices, networks and software in school for educational purposes and activities.
    • Keep my personal information (including home/mobile phone number, mailing address, and user password) and that of others private.
    • Show respect for myself and others when using technology including social media.
    • Give acknowledgement to others for their ideas and work.
    • Report inappropriate use of technology immediately.

    The Responsible Use Procedure will be reviewed each school year together with students and teachers and will provide a springboard for teaching and learning around topics such as Internet safety, digital citizenship and ethical use of technology.

    For more information on digital citizenship please visit this site to support your student at home.