Instructional Technology @ Midway

    Every student at Midway ES will become a responsible digital citizen who knows how to harness the learning potential of digital media in a 24/7 connected world, safely, effectively, ethically, and respectfully. Students at this school will be educated about appropriate online behavior, including interacting with other individuals on social networking websites and in chat rooms and cyber bullying awareness and response. In order to accomplish this goal, each year students will be provided with direct instruction on how to be a responsible digital citizen. Additionally, classroom teachers will refer to and discuss the Digital Citizen Tools For Success Poster each time students are required to use technology.  
    Midway's Technology Tools
    • Interactive White Boards in every classroom
    • Chromebooks in every classroom
    • Mobile Chromebook carts 
    • Digital cameras
    • Document cameras
    • Digital microscopes
    • TV Broadcasting studio with green screen & teleprompter
    • iPads

    According to Project Tomorrow CEO Julie Evans and the national Speak Up Survey, students have a very specific idea of how they want to engage technology to enhance the learning process.  The top for items include:
    • Are continuing to be interested in social-based learning;
    • Want to build their own personal learning network with expert resources;
    • "Are looking for tools that increase untethered learning; and
    • Want a digitally rich learning environment, unencumbered by traditional rules."

    Read more about the survey results in the THE Journal Article Digital Learning: What Kids Really Want

Last Modified on October 12, 2018