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    Welcome Back to School!


    What a great start to the 2019-20 school year. Welcome to all of our new families! If your child was seen by the nurse, they should come home with a clinic slip that explains why they were sent and what was done. 


    A friendly reminder that ALL medications, prescribed or over the counter, must be brought to the clinic by a parent with a medication administration form signed.

    I am happy to keep medication in the clinic that will help your student feel more comfortable during the school day. Products like nasal spray, cough drops or tylenol can be a great way to address the comfort of the student without being absent.


    If your child does become ill; please keep them home if their temp is greater than 100, they have nausea/vomitting or diarhhea. Any contagious illness like flu or strep should be reported to the teacher and/or nurse.


    The clinic is here to ensure that student's health needs are addressed so that we can reduce missed class time and ensure that health conditions do not limit a student's opportunity to learn. Please call the clinic if you have additional concerns or need information. 


    Kelly Monahan RN
    Midway School Nurse

    Clinic Hours 7:30-3:30

    Direct Phone (770) 475-6670 ext. 760121

    Fax 770-521-1866





Last Modified on August 13, 2019