• What can you do to help?   


    5 tips for adults who want to help students “SOAR” to school (Safely, Orderly, And Respectfully.”)


    1)  Teach your children how to recognize their bus route number and stop location.  Teach them to know their full name, your address and their teacher’s name.   


    2)  Help them to understand how important it is to listen carefully to what the school bus driver tells them and follow her/his directions.  Their first job is to protect your child!


    3)  Tell them that if they become confused or scared they should talk to the school bus driver and explain what is wrong.  They should never get off the bus if they are afraid or confused!


    4)  Visit our website with your children and family members to help you to learn about school bus safety and develop a family school bus safety plan!


    5)  If your student needs fluids, especially when it is extremely hot, provide water (only) in plastic bottles.  Explain that they will be allowed to drink their water on the bus, but that they are responsible for not spilling and cleaning up their trash.


    3 tips for students who want “SOAR” to school (Safely Orderly And Respectfully.”)


    1)  Listen carefully to what the school bus driver tells you and follow her/his directions.  Their first job is to protect you!  If you get confused or scared, tell the driver!  (It helps you stay safe and is respectful to the adult in charge!)

    2)  Stay seated while the bus is moving and use “classroom voices” with the student beside you.  This keeps you safe and helps your driver to maintain her/his focus (by maintaining order.) 


    3)  Ask you mom or dad to visit our website (like this link, Safety On The Bus!) and learn as much about school bus safety as you can.  Remember, it will take all of us to help protect you while we support your quality learning at school!  Do your part by learning and practicing safe walking, waiting and riding behaviors!