• Exceptional Children & Youth being offered in Forsyth County…

    The Exceptional Children & Youth: Identification & Curriculum Needs course, which meets the Georgia certification requirements (5-PLUs), is offered only once per school year here in the Forsyth County School District. For other agencies who may offer this course on a more regular basis, please see our article entitled Additional Professional Learning Opportunities.


    Registration for employees will be accepted through PDExpress for that particular semester.  Registration requests for non-employees and substitutes are accepted through Guest ID only (see PDExpress: Registration for Non-employees & Substitutes) and ONLY if space is available after our published employee registration deadline has passed (note these dates may be extended to allow additional employee registration).


    Forsyth County Schools’ employees:  To attend this course, you will need to register online from the Professional Learning webpage, when registration is opened.  


    Non-employees & Substitutes:  To request registration for this course, refer to fees and procedures in the article entitled PDExpress:  Registration for Non-employees & Substitutes. 

    Tuition & Guidelines for Non-employees and Substitutes:

    We are happy to consider online registration requests for currently advertised courses from non-employees, or substitutes employed by FCS, on a space available basis. This includes any certified individual not under contract to Forsyth County Schools.  Tuition and guidelines are outlined below.

    Tuition, payable upon registration confirmation BEFORE attending class, is calculated as follows: (New rates effective for all registrations received after December 1, 2008).

    • Non-employees: $70.00 per #PLUs; $80.00 per #PLUs for Endorsement* courses.
    • Substitutes currently employed by FCS: $50.00 per #PLUs; $60.00 per #PLUs for Endorsement* courses.

    *Courses labeled as Endorsement series courses carry this higher tuition rate due to the higher cost for instructors.  Any text required is the responsibility of the participant.  Endorsement courses include ESOL (3 courses), Gifted (4 courses), Reading (3 courses), and Teacher Support Specialist (2 courses).

    Priority seating guidelines are followed to determine space available for admittance as follows:

    1. FCS staff (certified, paras and classified/support staff of FCS)
    2. substitutes employed by FCS
    3. non-employees including
      1. certified teachers employed by other systems or privately
      2. parents and/or community volunteers

    Stipends, if advertised, are only for eligible certified teachers of Forsyth County Schools where applicable; however non-employees and substitute may take those courses for PLU credit even though they will not receive the stipend.

    Confirmation of you’re registration will be sent via email after the stated system course registration deadline or sooner when possible, if space is available. Course registration deadlines ("Register By") dates are included in the detailed course descriptions and may be changed or extended after publication to allow for additional employee registration if needed.