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    Our vision is to transform, support and personalize learning for teachers and students using technology.  BYOT in Action

    Our core work includes: 

    School-based Instructional Technology Staff (ITS and Media Specialist): Each school is assigned a instructional technology support team which includes an Instructional Technology Specialist and a Media Specialist.  Both have experience using a wide variety software and hardware as a classroom teacher and in preparing and conducting technology-related professional learning classes. This team is innovative in the way they integrate technology to enhance the educational process. Both members of the team are leaders in the building and in the district. The school-based Instructional Technology Team serve as the conduit for planning, communicating and achieving district initiatives and often serve as a member of the school’s leadership team. The instructional technology department is involved in the selection of the school-based staff, initial training, ongoing professional development and evaluation.
    Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT)Forsyth County Schools is a national and international leader in the effective practice of BYOT, which encourages students to bring their personal technology tools to school to facilitate their learning.  The acronym BYOT stands for Bring Your Own Technology and is also often referred to as BYOD – Bring Your Own Device. It is an initiative that is having an impact in business as well as education. From a user’s point of view, there are many forms of technology devices that are capable of being customized to one’s needs and interests. As students utilize their personal technology devices, they can learn new ways to use them for learning purposes as they collaborate and interact with their teachers and each other to research information, solve complex problems, create original products, and publish their work.
    Digital Resources: Textbooks must be treated as one resource, not THE resource and certainly not the curriculum. Digital, web-based educational resources are now of higher quality than content found in most textbooks, and digital content offered by Discovery Education, Safari Montage, and others is current and engaging. Forsyth County Schools strives to provide the "best in class" digital resources for our students.  
    Interactive Classroom Technologies: Having established a system-wide standard of providing a 21st century learning environment in every classroom which includes an interactive whiteboard, a ceiling mounted projector, teacher notebook computer, sound system and connections to the closed-circuit broadcast system, the instructional technology department works with the ITS and Media Specialist to provide professional learning and model best practices in the use of these technologies.  
    Media CentersWhile information can be obtained from virtually anywhere, the media center remains the only central location where new technologies can be combined with traditional information sources to support learning. But if the media center is to continue its pivotal role in the learning experience, it must evolve to meet changing pedagogies and learning modes, and the evolving needs of students and teachers.

    Online Education: Forsyth County Schools offers a continuum of online learning opportunities for students (see our Online Learning Continuum).

    Technology Orientation for New Educators (TONE):
    As a fast growing county, Forsyth is constantly employing new educators. It is critical to these new educators and to the district that the instructional technology induction is of the highest quality. As a result, a major focus is put on TONE. This year long program seeks to ensure Forsyth educators are well prepared for the core work. TONE is delivered via our learning management system with leadership from the School-based Instructional Technology Team (ITS & Media Specialist).
    For more information, please contact Jason Naile  at jnaile@forsyth.k12.ga.us 
Last Modified on August 2, 2017