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    Forsyth County Schools Technology Services Department plans, implements, and supports all of the school district’s technology initiatives and infrastructure. Careful collaboration with all stakeholders helps ensure that district technology needs are met in the most effective and efficient manner and that Forsyth remains a leader in leveraging technology to enhance teaching and learning. 

    Technology Services is committed to providing teachers and students with the best technology available. We see ourselves as an integral part of the learning process, and it is our pleasure to serve the teachers, students, and staff in Forsyth County. We believe technology in schools increases student productivity in and outside the classroom, encourages individual leadership in learning, expands access to learning resources, and helps develop digital citizenship within a structured environment.

    As leaders in technology we must always look at how we can improve our relationship with our stakeholders and provide them with exceptional service and new ways to challenge the norms of what is possible.

    Technology Services supports:

    27,000+ Chromebooks for Students

    5,000+ Laptops for Teachers

    360+ Physical and Virtual Servers

    1,800+ Wireless Access Points

    84,000+ Unique Wireless Clients per Day (57,000 BYOT and 27,000 Chromebooks)

    1,300+ Network Switches

    2 Enterprise-grade Firewalls capable of processing up to 200 Gbps throughput

    1 Petabyte of raw mass storage

    20 Hyper-converged nodes operating in a stretched cluster 


    If you are in need of Technical support, please submit a Unity ticket or check with your school ITS first. 

    If you have an URGENT NEED, please contact our Technology Department directly:

    Robin Martin

    (770) 887-2461, EXT # 202261