• Policies & Procedures

    Borrowing Policy
    Students are issued a barcode in their agenda at the beginning of the year. This is to be used when checking out materials. Students who come in the media center without their agenda will be sent back before checkout is allowed.
    • Media Center hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily.
    • Students on a pass from teacher will need to sign-in on the sheet beside the circulation desk.
    • Students may check out up to two (2) books for a 2 week period.
    • Students are allowed one (1) renewal before the first due date.
    • Students may check out novels for class for 28 days. There are no overdue fines charged for novels, but we do ask that students renew them if needed for a longer period of time.
    • Magazines are checked out for overnight only.
    • No magazines will be checked out on Fridays or over holiday breaks.
    • Students will be charged five cents ($.05) a day per book and/or magazine for each day late.
    • Students with overdue books and/or overdue fines will not be allowed to check out materials until the book(s) are returned and overdue balances are paid in full.
    • Lost books should be reported immediately. Students will be charged the purchase price of the book. If a book is found after paying for a lost book, then a full refund will be issued to the parent or guardian of the student.
    • Students are responsible for damaged materials checked out under their names. Students will be charged the cost of the item(s) to replace.
    • Materials should only be checked out by the student using them. If an item is lost, it is the responsibility of the student who checked out the item to pay for it. There will be no further check out until lost or damaged materials are paid in full.
    • The Media Center is for study, reading, checkout, information, literacy instruction and research.
    • The Media Center is a classroom -- treat it as such by respecting the rules and its staff.
    • Silence is not expected in the Media Center, but a quiet inside voice is!
    • The computer room is off limits except when scheduled by a teacher or Media Center staff.
    • Students may sit in the quiet reading areas of the Media Center when given extra time by the teacher with an agenda pass.
    • Students must follow the Responsible Use Policy of Forsyth County Schools, Computers and Networks.