• FCHS Color Guard


    Mr. Dan Grass

    Mission / Purpose

    The Guard adds visual excitement to the Flash of Crimson Marching Band. It is our philosophy that Winter Guard is the continuation of the Fall Guard. Skills developed in one activity provide foundations for the other. Members must participate in both Fall and Winter in order to receive yearly participation and Senior recognition. Only active Guard members are eligible for band travel during the current season. Guard members are enrolled in a year long dance class. Guard members have the same obligations and privileges of all FOC Members.  Physicals are not required but members must be in good physical condition.

    Past / Planned Activities

    The Guard performs at football games, scheduled marching competitions and other scheduled events throughout the Fall. In addition to performing as part of the Flash of Crimson Marching Band, the Color Guard also participates in Winter Circuits such as Winter Guard Internationals and the Southern Association of Performance Arts. For more information and calendar events visit our website at www.flashofcrimson.com.