• Tri-M Music Honor Society

    Tom Tucker

    Mission / Purpose

    We, the members of the Forsyth Central Music Department, in order to foster a greater continued interest and a desire for individual and ensemble excellence in music performance; to encourage appreciation and awareness in listening to music; to promote wider opportunities for sharing joy through music both within our school and within our community; to advance the spirit of good music and musical knowledge; and to enhance the reputation of our school as a center for musical enrichment; enact and accept this constitution for the Tri-M Music Honor Society.
    It will be the purpose of this chapter to:
    · Provide an appropriate method of recognizing outstanding individual and ensemble musical achievements of students who also maintain high academic standards.
    · Encourage its members reach their full musical potential.
    · Motivate and recognize its members' musical and personal achievements beyond the incentives of credits and grades and regular “class” activities.
    · Encourage and inspire its members to work individual and together toward the musical goals.
    · Focus public attention on the music program at Forsyth Central High School.


    Candidates for new and continuing membership will be chosen from students who meet the following requirements:
    · They must apply for membership.
    · They must be enrolled and actively participating in an instrumental ensemble performance class, including all applicable performances - curricular and extracurricular. (example: Symphonic Band Class AND Marching Band)
    · They must present evidence of their commitment to musical accomplishments through practice and performance as an individual and as an integral member of all applicable performance ensembles - curricular and extracurricular.
    · They must be of excellent character and should have a good attitude towards teachers and fellow students. They must be cooperative and helpful in their classes while at Forsyth Central High School.