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    Head Coaches:
    Assistant Coaches:
    James Tigue 

    Natalie Leonard 
    John McCormick 
    Scott Langley

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    Overview of Sport:
    Cross Country is a sport that requires endurance and speed.  The athlete must run 3.1 miles or 5 kilometers as fast as they can.  A team consists of 5 members crossing the finish line, and 6th and 7th members are there to determine a tie breaker.  The goal is to have top finishers across the line before any other teams top 5.  Low score wins in cross country, and for each place received that runner acquires a point.  A perfect score is 15. 
    The teams are separated by gender.  Most races allow 7 to 10 racers to compete per team, and JV races are usually unlimited.
    The 5k course can range from hilly to flat, muddy to dry, and in some cases obstacles may be present.  Runners will compete in all elements of weather unless lightning occurs. 
    Coaches' Comments:
    All of the coaches are for the runners having the best experience on the team while learning to run.  We promote athletics as well as achieving excellence in Academics.  Most cross country runners have high gpa's and work very hard.  WE are proud of the achievements that our team has accomplished so far this year and look forward to future seasons with them.



    Begins first day of summer and runs through to the start of school
    It begins first week of June Tuesday through Thursday @6:30 am.  Meet at the track and prepare to run.
    If you can handle the work and want to become a better runner, then it is a walk on experience.  Cuts are made on eligibility issues, medical reasons, and behavior issues.
    August 1st to November 7th


    For additional information, see www.LonghornDistance.com.
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