• LonghornsAcademic Team
    Club Sponsors:  Jolie Creuser and Steve Cummings

    Club Overview: 
    The purpose of this group is to provide the opportunity for students to take what they learn in the classroom and compete against other schools in a fast paced academic quiz format.  Topics range from academic subjects to pop culture and general knowledge questions.  The team competes in a number of events throughout the school year as listed below.
    Club Practice Times:
    Varsity: Wednesdays and Fridays 4pm-5pm on Discord
    Freshmen:  There was no freshmen team this year due to Covid
    2020/2021 Tournament Results:
    Tournament Result
    AQBL September Varsity 2
    LUKA for the South 6
    IKEA Southeast Mirror 6
    CATT XVI 5
    ACF Winter HS Mirror 2
    Lone Star 2
    Southside Holiday Invitational III 1
    ACF Regionals HS Mirror 1
    Charter Challenge 1
    KOMA (Hooch) 5
    Southern Prison Bowl 5
    GATA Varsity State 1
    Information is distributed on Discord.  If you would like to contact us, please email jcreuser@forsyth.k12.ga.us or scummings@forsyth.k12.ga.us
Last Modified on March 30, 2021