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    The mission of the IEA (Interscholastic Equestrian Association) is to introduce students to equestrian sports, to provide information concerning the creation and development of school associated equestrian programs, to develop understanding and appreciation of equestrian sports through organized student competitions, to provide students with organized competitive events, and to provide additional equine educational opportunities.
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    Welcome to the Equestrian Team.
    We are pleased to announcement that Lambert's Equestrian Team will be riding out of Sumpthin Tuitt Farm. The lead trainer is Ken Rheyard from Sumpthin's Tuitt Farm.  
    For the 21-22 season you can start preperation now. Please contact Tiffany Sumpter at sumpthintuittfarm@gmail.com. You can also contact Ms. Nicoletti at mnicoletti@forsyth.k12.ga.us
     In addition to the weekly lessons, monthly meetings will be held in room 1818. Please contact Ms. Nicoletti if you have any questions.


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