• LonghornsFuture Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

    Club Sponsors:
    Mrs. Stephanie Van Slyke - Room 1519
    Coach Jason Earwood - Room 1232
    Coach Mike Saxton - Room 1544
    Mr. Jason Ware - Room 1236

    Club Overview: 
    FBLA is the oldest and largest national organization for students preparing for careers in business.  Georgia FBLA, currently the largest chapter in the nation, has a membership of over 27,500 students while at the FBLA national level over 250,000 students participate.  FBLA prepares students for "real world" professional experiences by offering leadership conferences to foster the development of leadership skills. Competitive events are also offered in over 150 business and skill-related areas. Students are encouraged to compete at the region level vowing for the chance to advance to the state and national levels.  More information may be found at Georgia FBLA.
    Club Meeting Times:
    The Lambert FBLA chapter usually meets the 2nd Friday of each month at 7:45AM in the Auditorium.  Our monthy meetings are complete for the 2019-2020 school year! Stay tuned for next year!
    Club Activities and Events:
    Regular club meetings, conferences, competitive events, and community service projects are all part of Lambert FBLA. Our statewide philanthropy is March of Dimes. 
    Social Media: 
    Join Lambert FBLA Remind (class code is @lambertfb) for important updates and information regarding Lambert FBLA.  
    The 2019-2020 Lambert FBLA Officer Team:
    •  GA FBLA State President - Henry Xuan
    •  GA FBLA REgion 12 Officer  - Esha Patra
    •  Chapter President - Abhi Vijaykumar
    •  Officers:
      • Caroline Aase
      • Justin Ryu
      • Sidd Gupta
      • Aakarsh Naik
      • Anika Xia
      • Annie Li
      • Varshini Kakarla
      • Rishi Gulapalli
      • Varun Vangimalla
      • Vinayek Menon
      • Eric Ahn  

    Additional Info: 

    FBLA Graduation Cord Requirements:

    Per the graduation committee and FBLA Advisors the following requirements will ensure graduation with FBLA Honors and those eligible will be able to wear the FBLA Honor's Cord at Graduation:

         *3.5 GPA in Business/Computer Science Classes

         *3 courses in the pathway completed and End of Pathway test taken

         *Placed at FBLA State Competition any year at Lambert

         *A member of FBLA for their year of competition AND their graduation year


    **Refer to the NTHS website for information on how to obtain a NTHS Honor's Cord through your involvement in FBLA.


    FBLA Letter Requirements:

     First Option:

    1. LHS FBLA Officer that has been involved in
    2. Competed at State Competition
    3. Completed 6 service/events projects a year (with FBLA)


    Second Option:

    1. Competed AND placed at State
    2. Completed 6 service/events projects a year (with FBLA)


    See any FBLA Advisor for further information on the FBLA Lettering Process. 


    End of Pathway Graduation Recognition:

    • Seal of Completion: Complete a pathway and pass the End of Pathway Assessment
    • Seal of Distinction: Complete a pathway and pass the End of Pathway Assessment, participate in FBLA, GPA of 3.0, Complete an internship or project with Business/Computer Science
    • Medallion: Complete a pathway and pass the End of Pathway Assessment, participate in FBLAA, GPA of 3.0, complete 2 foreign language and 2 AP courses, member of NTHS, and complete an internship or project with business/computer science
Last Modified on February 24, 2020