• LonghornsNational Latin Honor Society
    Club Sponsor:
    Ms. Kara Bryant

    Club Overview: 
    Students may join the National Latin Honor Society by invitation only.  The National Junior Classical League sponsors the Honor Society to recognize Latin students in the area of outstanding academics.
    Club Meeting Times:
     The club meets at times determined by the club president and club sponsor.
    Club Activities or Events:
     Club activities are varied and are determined by the club event coordinator along with the club sponsor.  Membership and participation in the JCL/Latin Club is required for active status. 
    Club Officers or Members:
    Gabbi Paluzzi 
    Club Requirements:
    Students inducted into NLHS must:
    Have earned an "A" in both first- and second-year Latin
    Have an overall GPA of 3.5
    Maintain an "A" average in their current Latin class
    Pay dues to NJCL and GJCL
    Earn a total of 10 service hours for the school year
    Participate in club sponsored service projects as determined by the club's officers
Last Modified on May 21, 2020