• Science Olympiad

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    Club Overview: 
    Science Olympiad is a national science based competition team. The events the students participate in cover all disciplines of science and range from building events to study events to lab based events. Each team may have 15 members, with each member competing in 3 to 4 events.
    2022 Season:

    Due to the abrupt end to the 2020 season, the National Science Olympiad has created "new ways to play."

    Satellite SO - Students compete at their base school and report scores to Tournament Director.

    Mini SO - Students compete at home. No building/hands-on events.

    Club Meeting Times:
    Meetings are announced via Morning Announcements and posted on the team website. www.lambertscioly.com
    Club Activities or Events:   
    Invitational Tournaments (Nov - Jan)
    Region Tournament (Feb/Mar)
    State Tournament (if qualified - April)
    Competition Dates:
    Go to www.lambertscioly.com for more information.  


Last Modified on March 14, 2022