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    Science is a way of thinking and investigating the natural world around us. To become scientifically literate, students need to understand fundamental scientific knowledge, have the ability to engage in scientific practices, and use scientific equipment and materials.

    Through Science and Engineering Practices (SEPs), Core Disciplinary Ideas (CDIs), and Cross Cutting Concepts (CCCs), students are provided opportunities to think like a scientist, act like a scientist, and communicate like a scientist.


    In Forsyth County, we believe that science is a verb. With a focus on DOING science, our classrooms provide authentic learning experiences that are hands-on and student-centered. A safe space for inquiry-based learning and critical thinking encourages our students to think beyond the walls of their school to the world around them. 

    The Forsyth County Schools' Learner Profile drives our decisions and provides a route to success for all students.


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