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    The following Expectations for Communicating Electronically complement the district's Responsible Use Guidelines and the Code of Ethics for Educators.

    Does the communication pass the TAP Test?

    • The communication is Transparent. As a public school district, we are expected to maintain openness, visibility, and accountability with regard to all communications. 
    • The communication is Accessible. Communication is a matter of public record and/or maybe accessible by others. 
    • The communication is Professional. Communication should be written as a professional representing FCS. This includes word choices, tone, grammar, and subject matter that model the standards and integrity of an FCS professional.  

    Acceptable Communications Methods*

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    • District Email and Phone: When communicating as an FCS employee, use district email and phones, not personal phones or personal email accounts. When emailing large groups, such as parents/guardians, staff should use the bcc line for emails. Text messaging or instant messaging students and parents from personal phones or accounts are also not accepted. When using district email and voice mail, please note that these records of communication are subject to Open Records. As such, do not use them for personal social media or personal distribution lists, such as those for shopping sites or banking.
    • School and District Websites: All schools, including academic programs, and district departments must use Blackboard WCM for website hosting and content management.
    • Social Media for Instructional Purposes:  All schools have been provided Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, and a YouTube channel, while high schools have LinkedIn pages. Any content staff members publish, pictures they post, or dialogue they maintain, whether in a professional or personal social media account, a blog, a discussion thread or other websites should never compromise the professionalism, integrity, and ethics in their role as an FCS professional. A good question that staff members should ask themselves before posting is, “Would I mind if that information appeared on the front page of the local newspaper?” If the answer is “yes,” then do not post it.
    • ParentPortal/Campus Messenger
    *NOTE: FCS staff should not post student photos or videos on their personal social media accounts/websites. Parents/guardians may decline the inclusion of student photographs under the FERPA Directory Notice Information and student publicity consent is only for school/district use. 

    Contact: Jennifer Caracciolo